Tuesday, July 31, 2012

You Had Me at BBQ, Cheese & Bacon

A good cooking experience for me for once...Yay! Does this mean my cooking skills are improving? I sure hope so. Tonight I made Monterey Chicken that I found on Pinterest thanks to Kim McCrary's All Things Simple blog. I did just a few things different like add a teaspoon of Zesty Italian dressing & some Tony's cajun spice to the mix used to marinate the chicken. I also used larger canned diced tomatoes. I thought the chicken was delicious! I'm assuming Steven & his family liked it as well since it's all gone. I am slightly beginning to show that my hours spent on Pinterest are not going to waste. :)

Monday, July 30, 2012

My Kind of Food

Cooking is not usually my kind of thing but is something that I am going to have to become more familiar with. Coming to Canada I find that not as much food is fried as I would like and finding chili without beans can be difficult. Luckily my husband's dad found me some beanless chili which is actually very good. I may have been a little over dramatic when I couldn't find beanless chili for the whole two days that I searched, but I just love chili cheese dogs. Being so far away from home can be hard enough and not being able to enjoy a good chili cheese dog every once in a while would have just made it harder. Thanks to great father in law I now can devour my yummy chili cheese dogs!

Besides chili cheese dogs I love fried food. I decided to finally put a pinterest recipe to use for once. Me and Steven made country fried steak, fried okra, mash potatoes, and gravy. For a southern lady who is trying to improve the little cooking skills I have, of course I took what help I could get from my gentleman. Boy did he help! The meal was pretty good though I took a good mental note on which items needed more seasoning for the next time. I guess this cooking thing ain't so bad after all.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Mississippi Wedding

Thanks to our wonderful family and friends, me & Steven were able to have a beautiful wedding which we enjoyed very much. Everything went perfect and luckily nothing went wrong like you some times may see on those wedding tv shows. The weather was hot and humid but our guests were patient with our 15-20 minute ceremony. I think the Oakcrest Mansion, where our wedding was held, just made for a beautiful outdoor wedding. All in all it was a beautiful day!

Our pre-wedding celebrations included an engagement party put together by my wonderful friends, a bridal shower from my mother's friends, a wedding shower from Steven's family, a bachelorette party in Gulf Shores from my friends, and a bachelor party in Vegas for Steven from his friends.
The week prior to our wedding was spent with family and close friends, those who were local and those who came from all different parts of North America. 
On the top left is me, Steven, & Zully in New Orleans on Bourbon Street. The bottom left is me & Steven at the Shed where our families met and enjoyed delicious BBQ. The top right photo is of me, Steven, & my funny mom where we dressed up as rednecks for my Mugshots Redneck going away party. The bottom right photo is of me, Steven, Lindsey, & Dannah enjoying a night at the Hard Rock.
We had a beautiful wedding and are very thankful for everyone who was able to be apart of it and share such wonderful memories with us.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The summer has flown "bye"

Where did the summer go? Oh yeah, I was too busy planning my wedding, packing for Canada, and spending as much time as possible with all my girl friends these past few months. I feel like summer has already gone bye-bye. While May and June were crazy busy months, I am so glad that I was able to have as much girl friend time as possible with my Mississippi girls! I just love them dearly and of course they are just so much fun to be around.
I miss all these girls so much and can't wait to see them again. You just can't find as good of friends as these. Love you beautiful ladies!

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