Sunday, January 25, 2009

Multiple Literacies

There are definitely more multiple literacies in my life now than when I was a kid. My current multiple literacies would have to include textbooks, television, texting, facebook, myspace, and my email accounts. I feel that without some of these things I would totally be lost. As far as textbooks and books, they are not a big part of my multiple literacies. For now, books in general are only apart of my school life. I never get to just read a book for interest anymore since there is not much time for it. I think books will be a bigger part in my life after school when I actually have time to read. I also know that in the future as a teacher books and textbooks will be one of the many connections between me and my students. Books currently function as a common connection between my class peers and teachers though.

Television is one of my mulitple literacies that I have in common with many of my friends as far as the certain shows we watch. With a book you can not sit down and exactly read it with your friends but television shows can be watched with your friends. Even if a friend is not there watching the show with you you can talk about it on the phone, computer, or the next time you see them. Multiple literacies can form a common interest and bond for many people, and I think it does for some of my friends. These things can also be really good for students in the classroom as a way for them to find a common interest. Through text messaging I am able to communicate with my friends and other people as one of my multiple literacies.

Facebook, myspace, and emails are used very often as one of my multiple literacies as well. I use facebook to communicate with friends that I may not feel like texting or to just see how they are doing in a quick manner. I use myspace to keep in touch with long distance relatives instead of having to call them. It also allows for me to see pictures of how much they are growing up since I do not have time to go visit them. Emails are a very important multiple literacy with school, bills, and just getting in touch with anyone in general. As a teacher I want to be able to use the internet and emails to keep in touch and notify my students about things when we are outside of the classroom. A student who may be scared to ask me a question about something or a problem in person or on the phone may be able to do it better by writing me an email. Students can also email each other about school issues or assignments during the weekend as a means of one of their multiple literacies.
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